How We Started ​Make Good Choices.®

Make Good Choices was a phrase commonly used in our household for many years. As our family has grown, we hope this message has as well.  We try to live by this code of ethics every day.  Hoping to do what is right and learning from it when it is wrong.  What started with a dream to make the world a better place is turning into a reality. We strive to offer quality products at a reasonable price with a positive message

We live the message.


Make Good Choices is a company that stands behind their quality products. We offer a range of unique items that coincide with our message of positivity. We hope you love our products as much as we do, but if you are ever disatisfied with your purchase, please contact us to make it right.


We belive in making good choices that have a positive impact in our world.  Our products have been designed to spread that message and remind the world that each and every one of us leave an imprint on this world.  What type of imprint is up to you, every choice has a consequence, however small.




Our Vision
  • Create a positive message with the products we offer
  • To leave things better than how we found it
  •  To be aware of the consequences our choices make.
  • To give back ten percent of our profits to the community
  •  To simply make the world   a better place.

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